mercoledì 7 ottobre 2015

Hearts - American _ Pop Corn

Ciao care,
finalmente vi mostro la mia adorabile borsa PopCorn *.*
L'ho presa su

gli occhiali a cuore sono di

e i leggings

buona serata <3

mercoledì 15 luglio 2015

Cheap Shop Online? the answer is Tidestore!

Hi dear!

it's summer and we have a lot of free time.. and what is the best way to spend your free time?
if you're a sopping lover and a fashion addicted like me, the answer is SHOPPING!!

and what could be better than cheap shop online ?

one of my favourite site for shopping is Tidestore

when you sign in you get a $5 coupon for your shopping! And if your order is over $59 the shipping is free!

for this summer I bought a lot of things, so I'm taking a look to the items for the autumn, like this stylish hoodies online

and why don't take a look at long coats for women ?
here are my favourite:

and to complete your look go in this section
and you can find beautiful bag, hat, sunglasses and jewerly like these:

Remember just click on the image to go directly to the site to have more detail of the item!

hope this post will be useful !
have a nice day and happy shopping!!

venerdì 26 giugno 2015

Homecoming Dress, find it on LandyBridal

Hi dear,
in this post I'll show you some Homecoming dress, all of these are from an amazing website specialized in elegant dresses for all your most important occasions.
 This site is LandyBridal 

Maybe you're thinking that it's summer and it's early to think about the homecoming dress..

 but I suggest you start thinking about it and get an idea of your homecoming dress 2015 for not arrive at the last minute without ideas, with limited time, so make you get anxious.

So here are a list of my favourite homecoming dresses and hope you can get inspiration from these. if you like one dress just click on the image to have more details.

And as a new entry of this year there are super cool two pieces homecoming dresses:

If your budget is limitated, don't worry! There are also beautiful homecoming dresses under 100
and here are a selection of my favourite:

Hope this post will be useful ! 

I discovery a really nice quiz to find your perfect homecoming dress and it is on

Have a lovely day and happy shopping!