venerdì 3 agosto 2018

Wishlist from Bella Depot

Hello my dear,
Recently I started shopping not only of clothes but also of things for the house, since (if all goes well) in a few months I will move to a house of my own! I have already started to see the kitchen, the bedroom, floors, couch, chairs, tables, etc...
Today I wanted to see some lights and chandeliers and I found this site with very nice lights and details at great prices:

I wanted to show you the things I liked the most, to give you inspiration if you too are looking for lights for your home!

So let's start from Pendant Lights:
This one is my favorite:

 I love the black geometric shape around the light, really Amazing *.*

This one is a work of art, extremely original, It will certainly not be unnoticed in your home!!

 With these two very nice lights instead you feel like you are in the spotlight, on a stage and you are the stars!

For the kitchen I'm in love with this lamp because is so funny! It looks like a flipped glasses of wine :D

 For my bedroom I'm looking for a Ceiling Fan Very useful for the summer season since I do not like the air conditioner! These two are my favorites, the silver one with the crystals is more modern/chic and the Golden one is more classy and elegant!

 And the last light that I want to show you is this beautiful wall light, it's so romantic, I'd love have it on both sides of my bed *.*

Hope this post will be useful!
have a lovely day 
and happy home decor shopping <3

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