martedì 18 luglio 2017

Dress Wishlist from FASHIONMIA

Hi dear,
In this summer season the garment I can not help but is undoubtedly the dress.
In this post I want to show you some clothes and then make my "wishlist" by taking them from the Fashionmia site.

The dress is a fresh garment that can be adapted to any situation, from a simple dress to a casual day to a more elegant dress for a special evening in a more sober dress for a business appointment; in short, the clothes are definitely the most garment Varied and adaptable in every situation.
In addition with the addition of some accessories such as a belt or a necklace or brooch you can change the style of the dress and transform a simple everyday dress to a more particular and elegant dress for a special appointment.
Now I show you some adorable and cute dresses that have struck me more and that I'm in great fashion for this summer.

The summer is made of bright colors that give joy so in your wardrobe you should not miss a maxi dress colored like this, which in addition emphasizes your tanning!
 You should not miss a more sober dress for a more formal occasion or even for a family event. Sober but stylish!

If you feel super romantic you can not have a pretty pink flower dress like this one

Remaining in the theme flowers this summer go roses embroidered roses on the clothes, so to be impeccably fashionable and comfortable for everyday this dress is for you! You can pair it with a pair of low shoes for the day and for the evening just change shoes and put a heel and here you are ready for a fantastic evening!
 Another trend this summer is the dresses with the skirt that resembles the wings of a butterfly just like this, so if you want to feel free and light and colorful like a butterfly this is your dress!
 Tell me if this dress is not perfect for a wonderful day in the countryside or for a picnic on the lake shore?

A key thing to have in the closet is a simple black dress.
Just like this. Can be worn in a thousand ways and you can play with the accessories to make it always different and adapt to any situation! Simply changing the accessories will look like you always have a different dress!

 Finally a sensual and elegant dress for a really special occasion...

But if you have any extra shape and think these clothes would not be okay do not worry!
There is a wonderful section of plus size clothing !
I now show you some of the most beautiful ones:

hope this post will be useful !
happy dress shopping!

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