sabato 22 luglio 2017

Better body for summer? Let's start with the Shopping at Yoins!

Hi dear,

It's summer, and the costume is coming and the clothes are getting lighter and shorter.
And maybe you do not have the physical you dreamed of having in the months before the summer ... who, like me, said infinitely many times "from tomorrow I will do physical activity and a healthier life to be more fit" ?
And that famous tomorrow never comes ...

Well, maybe I found a way to start doing physical activity, and you know how?
You will not believe it but ...
You start doing Shopping !!!!!
You've read it well, shopping and buying sports clothes for your workout!

Let's try together? Let's see if at the end of this post you will want to buy some super fashion sports garments like those I'm going to see you and start doing some exercise!

Then I begin by telling you that all sportswear is taken from the YOINS site.

This site is Amazing has a lot of fashionable clothes that I want to buy everything omg!

Now I'll show you some of my favourite clothes and it was very difficoult to choose them because they have a lot of beautiful cheap fashion womens activewear !!
Let's start!

I can't decide between these two which is the most beautiful color so i have both choices! (For me this is a rule of shopping: when you are undecided between two things, take both!)

 In addition to wanting to have these two wonderful sports outfits, I would also like to have the body of these models lol !

Pink addictid?? here are the perfect outfits for you!!
For those who do not know how to give up pink even during sports

 And this leggings?? omg how much are they beautiful and sexy??

These are my favcourite: two pieces, top & shorts. Amazing. Absolutely Amazing.

What do you feel more motivated to start doing a bit of sport after seeing these beautiful sports outfits ??
With me it worked I wanted to do some physical activity, but above all I wanted to go shopping!

Finally I also wanted to show you wonderful womens casual playsuit.
I fell in love with some of them and I want to show you:

For this summer you can't haven't something with flowers, just like these:

Light blue is a colour that I love in summer

Nude, is a colour that you must have in your closet, like the black

And finally, To show your magnificent tan there is nothing better than White

Hope this post will be useful,
have a lovely day and...
Happy fit-shopping!

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