lunedì 14 novembre 2016

BLACK - Special Occasion Dresses from Dressfashion

Hi dear,

in this post I want to show you some elegant dresses for special occasion, all these are from an Amazing website: Dressfashion.
It has a lot of stunning dresses for all your ocaasion and for every style!

I want to do 5 post talking about this site, in every post I want to show dresses with the same color! For example in this post the color is Black and I show you some of my favourite black dresses.
In the next post the color will be another and I'll show you my favourite dresses of that colour!

So let's start with the pictures because they speak better than words!

These are my favourite Black long dresses:

 This is Amazing, because it's sexy and elegant at the same time, I really love it !!

 Two piece dresses is a new trend and I like it sooo much! this top is stunning and so shiny !!!
 The lace is Always elegant, and if you want be more sensual this dress is perfect to show your legs!
 If you want to feel like a princesse this is the right dress for you!!
I think that when you wear this dress you feel like a super vamp!!!

Now here are 3 super cute and chic short Black dresses:

And now what is your favourite?

Remember that under every dress there is the link that goes directly on Dressfashion, so you can have easily more info!

Have a lovely day!

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  1. all of dresses are beautiful and gorgeous! my favorite is two piece dress in the second picture.pretty <3