martedì 14 giugno 2016

Designer Wedding Dresses on Cocomelody

Hi dear,

in this post I want to talk you about a topic that, you know, i love <3 and it is Wedding Dresses.

The dresses that I show you are all from one of the greatest website dedicated to wedding dresses: Cocomelody

as you may have seen I wrote post about the beautiful elegant dresses and wedding dresses of this site.
Today I want you to see a section of wedding dresses that still there had never spoken and that is new.
The section of designer wedding dresses

To meet the growing demands for distinctive couture dresses, CocoMelody partners with professional designers to carefully selecting reputable dress collections from co-brands such as Lilywhite, Aniia and Grace Luxury
While their co-brands may not be globally recognized, they source only the finest fabrics and embellishments, and set the same high quality and standards that the customers expect.

Here are my favourite wedding dresses, I have chosen two for each designer:

LB Studio:

love them because they have a lot of details and they're plentiful od fabric and rhinestone.

Lily white:

i love them because they're so pure, delicate and romantic.

Grace Luxury:

i love them because they're so classy, elegant and really refined.

Ida Torez:

i love them because they're so sophisticated and enhance the body. the shooting of this collection is stunning!


i love them because they're so classy, but every dress has a details which makes it different and original.

So what is your favourite dress?

And one last thing: i want to inform you about a promo on the convertible bridesmaid dresses

these dresses are really brilliant because with a few gestures, such as changing a way to fasten the straps, you can create many styles with the same dress.

hope this post will be useful!
have a lovely day!

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