lunedì 30 maggio 2016

Must have for summer - my wishlist from Wholesalebuying

hi dear,
in this post i'll show you my summer wishlist super super super cheap and really trendy !!!
all the items that i show you are from Wholesalebuying 

I love this website because has a lot of amazing items at the cheapest price !!!!!!
All the items in this whilist are under 5$, can you believe it?
I leave the links under every picture so you can easily have more info about the product that you like <3
sooo... let's start !!!

the first thing that you must need for summer is a swimwear and these are my favourite

these are my favourite shorts and skirts:

as you know i'm in love with the print t-shirts and this site has a lot of tee that i want to buy !!
these are my favourite:

and the last one is a necklace that is a must have for this summer 2016 !!!
one of the most beautiful necklace i ever seen <3

I do an order from this site... the items that i order are in this post... guess what??

And there is a surprise FOR YOU!!
for your order use these COUPON CODE:
WBblogger5 == Get $5 off on once purchases of $59
WBblogger10 ==Get $10 off on once purchases of $99

So take a look at this website and you can't exit without add at least one item in your cart !!!

have a lovely day
and happy shopping !!

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