sabato 13 giugno 2015

the perfect Wedding Dress on Cocomelody

Hi dear,
in this post I want you to dream with me.
what is the dream of every woman? Excluding shoes, bags and lockers dream, the romantic dream of every woman is the day of the wedding and then the perfect wedding dress.

I will share a selection of my favorite Cocomelody seen on the site.

It has so many wonderful and all that was very difficult to pick just a few.
Important: I am very very romantic, so if you are not you may be disgusted with lace, beads, and huge skirts princess and maybe you have some tooth decay given the excessive sweetness: D
However if you do not have my own romance on the site there are also many wedding dresses simple and sober!
Let's start !

A detail that I really love is the neckline on the back. I think that it is really sensual but remained in elegance and delicacy. So here are some beautiful open back wedding dresses 

one of the most beautiful and romantic for me it is a wedding by the sea .. with the sun, a light breeze and the blue sea in the background .. and only then give up a huge and pompous skirt for choose a dress more linear as these summer beach wedding dresses:

and now stop dreaming and live doing everything possible so that this dream will come true <3
have a lovely and romantic day <3

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