martedì 9 giugno 2015

Favourite peep toe shoes on Shoespie

Hi dear,
in this post I'll show you my favourite Peep Toe shoes from

it's really hard to choose my favourite shoes on this website because I'm a shoes lover and I like every single pair of shoes there! I want to buy every pair *.*
Here are some of my favourite Peep Toe Heels :

with these shoes was love at first sight ! I'm crazy about this scorpion on the heel *.*
there are 3 colors available:

recently I like the boho style and I think that this pair is perfect in my closet for a chic boho outfit !

as you know, I have a weakness for the leopard print, so how could I not be included in this selection of shoes a leopard pair ? here is the one that I like most:

and now....colors and bling bling!

and now a must have, a classic color combo: a pair of Black and Red peep toe shoes !

and finally if you want more comfort without sacrificing style, here are my picks:

You can find more peep toe shoes, just click this link:

What is your favourite pair?
have a lovely day and happy shopping <3

8 commenti:

  1. Great selection!

  2. Los de los escorpiones son increíbles!

  3. 4 and 5 are greats :)

  4. oddio sono fantastiche!!!!

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  6. what colour shoes will look good with a pink dress?
    red peep toe pumps