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How to Choose a Mother of the Bride Dress

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in the post of today I'll give you some tips to choose the perfect dress for the mother of the bride.
The bride is the main attraction on her wedding day. Being the mother of the bride is also an important role. Make sure you pick a special dress for the occasion.

Choosing a mother of the bride dress can be a daunting task. You want to look stylish, complement your figure, but also blend in with the bridal party. Since pictures will stay around for years to come there are some definite dos and don'ts to choosing an appropriate dress.
 Here are some tips:

1) Blend with the Bridal Party
Since most mothers will be seen throughout the wedding, either during pictures or when helping with the unity candle, the dress chosen needs to blend into the wedding party. The dress should never be the exact same color as the bridesmaids, but should go with the party colors rather than standing out. For example, if the bridal party is wearing emerald green dresses, your dress should be a lighter shade of green; almost a mint green. You might also consider co-ordinating with the bride of the, since you will be sharing many photos together.

2) What don't wear
White is off limits. Only the bride should be in white or even off white. In the pictures, the bride should stand out when surrounded by her family and husband who are wearing colored garments.
Never wear black. No matter how much you dislike your new son-in-law or how slimming it is, black makes a completely negative statement.

3) Being Comfortable is Important
You will also need to consider comfort and ease of movement when picking a dress. If the wedding and reception are going to be sit down affairs, make sure you are comfortable sitting in the dress. A shorter dress can be exhausting if you are sitting and have to keep tugging it down.
However, if there will be dancing and a lot of standing or movement, you will need to feel comfortable moving about. A longer tight legged gown can make it very difficult to move about the dance floor. Try to find a happy balance.

4) Attention to details
Pay more attention on details of the dress. Details like ruching and lace in the blouse and a jeweled brooch on the lapel of the jacket will help you stand out from the other wedding guests.
but make sure her dress does not have more embellishment than the bride's gown. If the bride's gown is simple and elegant, the mother of the bride's dress should be simple, too.

 Choosing a mother of the bride dress is a very important decision. You’ll feel more beautiful and your daughter will be so proud of you, when the dress you wear to her wedding is the best one for you.

You can do some research online to see what types of mother of the bride dresses are available.

For example you can take a look here:

To give you some ideas here are some pictures of dresses of different colors and different lengths:

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Hope this post will be useful !!
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