giovedì 16 gennaio 2014

Hair, hair, hair...

Hi dear,
today I want to talk about hair...
Hair, hair, hair...

the hair is one of the most important things for your own image. When we have beautiful hair, healthy and cared for, we are more secure than ourselves and we feel fine.
How do we know it's hard to find a girl who is fully satisfied of her hair. You know, those who have straight hair want curly them, and those who have curly hair think that they are the most beautiful smooth.
So often we resort to the plate to smooth, to create waves or curls sumptuous.

And what about the color? How many times have we dyed my hair for the desire to change, or because we love the trend of the moment?
And this also has a negative impact on the health of the hair ... 

I have dark brown hair and until now I have dyed blonde, black, light blonde above and below blacks, blue-black, then respite, then I lightened the tips and now I tried the red!
The next thing I would do is dye it black, and unfortunately I think I have to shorten it a bit.
By the way we talk about the length ... I've always had long hair since I was a child. I have always loved and continue to do so.
But long hair is difficult to maintain because they have to be well groomed and should be clipped regularly. In fact, a long hair and ruined pienodi split ends is anything but beautiful.
So many people resort to the use of extensions, great way to get your hair to the desired length and also great way to achieve hairstyles that you can't do with short hair. Yesterday I tried to do the fishbone braid and I was successful at the first attempt, Yeah! :D

So many people resort to the use of extensions , great way to get your hair to the desired length and also great way to achieve hairstyles that nn you can do with short hair. Yesterday I tried to do the fishbone braid and I was successful at the first attempt , Yeah !I recommend you take a look at this site

has a wide selection of extensions made ​​with human hair so as to ensure a very natural at an affordable price ! In addition, it also has all the accessories !Here's a site preview:

The product that I liked the most is undoubtedly Ombre Hair Extensions , I would say a brilliant idea ! With these extensions you can have the hair trend of the moment without having to bisongno of dye and consequently ruin !

You use the extensions ? How do your hair? How would you like them ? What is your favorite hairstyle ?Waiting to read your lovely comments and opinions , I wish you a wonderful day !


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  1. It's amazing how many things we do to our hair to keep it looking great! Love this.

  2. My hair is long and when I have my way or the time, I love to blow dry it out with some wave and wear it down and to the side... There are some lovely long hair here :)

  3. Lovely hairstyles!! x)
    ✿ Rinako ✿

  4. Love the first picture's fish braids, so lovely ;)

    New Post up…

  5. We love braids, nice for day to day and for elegant occasion!

  6. I used to wear extensions but now I have long hair there is no need, it is a little flatter than when i wore extensions though. The plaits are my favourite!
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :)
    Love Emma xx

  7. Great post.. love it!!!


  8. I like long little curly hair ; D

  9. Great post ;) I invite to me ;)

  10. lovely pics but log hair are not for me...

  11. I don't use the extencions, I don't found my colour!!
    My latest post--> Tartan Nails

  12. very interesting!

  13. nice post! I'm one of the girls that doesn't actually do much to their hair! I've only ever dyed it once and rarely straighten it but i do like extensions! I've only tried it once but its perfect to get those elaborate hairtyles!
    would you like to follow each other?

  14. I'm going to have to look into extensions - they've never been part of any hairstyle before!

  15. Thank you so much for your comment on my blog. Of course I would love to follow eachother! I'm following you on GCF and Bloglovin and look forward to keeping in touch!

    Great picks! I love it all.

    - April

  16. I'm ur 1881 follower. next - ur step))

  17. I can totally relate to what u said.
    I used to have long hair too but I got bored and cut it short. At the moment I had long hair my hair wasn't dyed, after I cut it, I started to dye it and got damaged.
    Been thinking about extensions because I miss sometimes my long hair.