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How To Choose the Prom Dress

Hi dear,
today I want to talk about the prom dresses and how to choose yours.
Shopping for a prom dress is a rite of passage for many teenage girls. Finding the perfect dress is the start to an evening you'll remember for years to come, and one that will be heavily documented for many a future boyfriend or family get together.
 Prom is coming up, and you have your eye on the perfect date, but do you have a plan for your dress? Prom dress shopping doesn't have to be a dramatic affair. If you plan ahead, you can find the prom dress of your dreams at a price that's not a nightmare.
 Here are some steps that can help you:

1) Determine your budget.
Before you proceed, you'll want an idea of your budget so you can determine what dresses are within reason.
Even though you're far from purchasing your prom dress, having a sense of price range will help you narrow your options.
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2) Choose the colour.
Choose the colour is very important! You can choose the colour by your personality, humor and very important the colour must looks great on you, agree to your skin and to the colour of your hair.

3) Assess your body type.
 It's important to have a sense of what looks good on you before starting the search for dresses.
If you're:
  •  Pear Shapes - For pear shapes we recommend prom dresses with fitted tops and full or a-line skirts.  Or if you are comfortable with your larger behind, go for prom dresses that are a bit more form fitting.
  • Slender - If you have a slim figure the illusion of curves can be acheived by drawing attention to
    your bust line or a prom dress that bells out.  Also, you might try prom dresses that draw attention to your waist such as a wrap dress or one witha belt.
  •  Busty - You can play up what you have by choosing from prom dresses with a gorgeous neckline; but look for prom dresses with fuller coverage so you can make sure you have adequate support.  If you would like to draw attention away from your chest; look for prom dresses that attracts the eye to the hem.
  • Petite - If you are petite show a little leg and go with an asymmetrical hemline or a long fitted solid prom dress to make you appear taller.  Floor lengthball gowns tend to overwhelm your frame.  Long ruffles can also add the illusion of height.
  •  Hourglass - If you have an hour glass figure consider yourself lucky! You have a naturally well propotioned body with means you don't need to disguise any thing. Almost every style prom dress will flatter your figure. Have fun with it! 
  •  Apple - For an apple shaped body prom dresses with an empire waist will help draw attention from your middle. Also a higher waist line means the prom dress may not be as tight in your problem area. If you have nice athletic legs, you might try to show them off by looking at shorter prom dresses. 

 Here are some ideas that maybe can inspire you :)
Click on the image of the dress that you like for more info!

 These are my favourite!
But I also like very much these:

Remember just click on the dress for more info!
Hope this post can be useful ! :)
Have a nice day!

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