venerdì 19 maggio 2017

HAUL from TOSAVE COM - beauty & fashion

Hi dear,
in this post i want to show you 3 Amazing items that I recieved from a great website:

This is one of my favourite website, it has a lot of items for every category: women and men's clothing, beauty and make up, phone accessories, bag and shoes, home decor, hobbies, toys and more!
Tosave has the international shipping, and the price is so low!!!!!
it's easy to make an order (for me is difficoult because I love everything and I want to buy everything ahahaah :D) and there are 9 languages, so you can choose yours!

Now i'll show you the beautiful things that I choose to order:

The first is this make up brush set: 12 gorgeous unicorn brushes

They're really beautiful and a MUST-HAVE for every make-up addict and unicorn lover, like me!
The colour is so shiny and intense and they're so soft!!! Love them soooo much !!!

the second items is this top:

the fabric is so good, I choose the colour gray with black print. This is perfect if you are, like me, a


Yeah, I had so much fun to take this photos :D

The last item is this light pink jacket and also this is for you that feel the

also the fabric of this jacket is so good! And it's perfect for this season, to wear on a t-shirt or a top if you're a little cold.

I'm so satisfied with this items that I recieved, so I suggest you to take a look at Tosave and I'm sure you'll fall in love with a lot of things!

have a lovely day <3

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