martedì 3 gennaio 2017

First Wishlist of 2017 ! From StyleWe

Hi dear,

First of all....

Today I want to do a wishlist, the first of the year... I show you some of my favourite clothes according to the fashion trends of this period.

All the items that you will see in this post are from a great website: StyleWe 

So... Let's start!!

1) Velvet.
This fabric is a must have for this year, you can choose every colour you want, you can choose only one items, such as a top, or a dress, or just a detail. But You must have it!

2) Military.
Everything that remember the military style is ok: square shoulders, golden buttons, military symbols, and for the color army green is the top!

3) Patches.
Patches everywhere! dresses, sweater, jackets, coats, shoes, bags, they are perfect on all ! They Always give a colorful and fun touch to your outfit !

4) Metallic Pleated Skirt.
Silver, Golden or other metallic colors, choose the skirt that You like!

5) Bomber Jackets.
With Patches, with a colorful print, solid color, sporty ore more elegant, choose the bomber jacket that you like and buy it ! It's a must have for the spring!

Finally I want to show you two White jumsuit that I found :

For spring a White jumpsuit is something very versatile, that can save you at times when you have a chance and you have nothing to wear!

Hope this post will be useful,
have a lovely day <3

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  1. great items

  2. Love how velvet dresses looks on advertising but nut in real ))) Nice collection)
    I`m following ur blog with a great pleasure via GFC
    Please join me
    Sunny Eri: beauty experience

  3. In the year of 2017. People around me suddenly begin to hang out with off shoulder white dress.I'm feeling curious and suspicion at the moment:"Is this a thing now?"And here's my thoughts after research and the dress that I bought.