sabato 21 novembre 2015

What I got from ONecklace

Hi dear,
I am pleased to show you my second collaboration with a fantastic site: ONecklace!
This site specializes in the accurate realization of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings with names and initials. These jewels are plated gold or silver. They will come to your home with a lovely box and certificate of authenticity.
I'll show you what I have chosen:

A romantic necklace with my name and that of my boyfriend, the model is this:

 A bracelet with the Dreamcatcher gold plated, beautiful and decorated in detail, you can find it here:

 I suggest you look at this magnificent site and choose a necklace and customize it with your name or choose one to make a beautiful and original gift that surely will be appreciated! And since Christmas is approaching you may also choose something to give to the people you care about!

My opinion: ONecklace has passed with flying colors !!!!!

have a lovely day

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