venerdì 20 marzo 2015

Shoes on ShoesPie

Hi dear,
today I want to talk about Shoes.

The shoes are one of women's obsession, I love to read some quotes about the shoes because they're all true! :D so in this post I write some of my favourite.
I like to buy shoes on online website because I love original and stunning shoes and I don't find them in stores of my city.

So today I show you a great website where you can buy amazing and cheap shoes:

This website has a lot of beautiful shoes, as you can see in the images below, and have cheap prices!
It has also the shipping free for orders over $ 79,00 !

here are some of my favourite low heel closed toe wedges:
(click on the image to go directly to the site)
find more shoes like these in this section:

 " Give a Girl the right Shoes
and she can conquer the World "

" Cindarella is proof that a pair of Shoes
can change your Life"

" A Woman with good Shoes
is never ugly "

" Good Shoes take you
Good places "

And now these are my favourite from the section of Cheap Heels Under 40 $:

" Any girl that can Walk in Heels
deserves Respect "

" Shoes transform your body Language and Attitude.
They lift you physically and emotionally "

" Shoes make me Happy.
I'm Superficial.
Whatever. "

" Life is Short.
Buy Shoes. "

" They might be painfull.
But they're still a Girl's bestfriend. "

You can find these and other beautiful cheap shoes in this category:

What is your favourite pair?

Hope this post will be useful,
have a lovely day and don't forget to buy a new pair of Shoes !!


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