venerdì 14 novembre 2014

School Formal Dress: my tips!

Hi dear,
you have to wear a school formal dress? and you are entered in a panic because do not have one and do not know what to wear?
Do not worry, the first thing to do is sit in front of the computer and watch so many dresses to get an idea of what you want to wear.
Obviously, any style you choose, it must be a dress that when others look at you can not help but say WOW!
I will help you in selecting listing various adjectives paired with dresses and recognizing it into an adjective, you can see the dress that suits you.
Obviously you need to know before the shape of your body to choose the form of dress that suits you and this I have already spoken in this post.
So let's sart!

- if you want to be Elegant and Sober choose dresses like these, with simple lines, with few decorations and no plunging necklines.

- if you feel Sexy and would like to impress someone wearing dresses that enhance your physical qualities such as if you have beautiful breasts choose a dress with a neckline particular, always remembering not to overdo it! do not go from sexy to raunchy!

- If you want to feel soft and sweet like a Doll choose dresses like these soft colors and feminine decorations like ruffles.

- If you want to stand out and get noticed by all and feel Super Original wearing dresses with unique details, asymmetrical shapes and colors very bright.

- If for one night you want to feel a Beautiful Princess what could be better than a long dress with a full skirt and shiny decorations?

- If you are Shy and do not want to feel too much the center of attention choose a dress that will cover the parts that you like less of your body, so you feel more at ease. For example if you do not like your legs opt for a long dress, or if you see your hips are too large to choose a dress style empire that does not put them out.

What is your favourite dress?
Hope this post will be useful !
If you want to see more beautiful dress here is the link:

have a lovely day and happy shopping!!

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  1. Very beautiful dresses!))

  2. Hello from Spain: I really like your proposals. Keep in touch

  3. These dresses are absolutely gorgeous! I love all of the bling on the top!

  4. the last fushia dress is FAB


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  6. das dunkelblaue Kleid ist ein Traum *_*

  7. Love this! The black and white ones are my favorite.

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