mercoledì 2 aprile 2014

Be Beautiful with a Cocktail dress!

Hi dear,
in today's post I want to show you some amazing Cocktail dresses to wear and be perfect !!
The thing that matters most when you go out, but especially in special events or at parties is to be fabulous and UNFORGETTABLE!
I think one of the best ways to remembered is choosing the right dress for the occasion, a dress that speaks of us of our being, which enhances our body.
So here's a selection of beautiful clothes that you can find on
I chose one of each color :) but you can find a lot clicking here:
Let's start:

- Black: with the black is hard to go wrong! It is a colour that is good for all and it is alway elegant !

- White: it is the color of purity and delicacy, always very chic!

- Black & White: the perfect and most beautiful combination of colors! 

- Grey: is a color not used much but I love it for the elegant dresses because it is very fine

- Light Blue: is a really delicate colour and it always make me to think to an angel when I see dress like this

- Blue: color is a very intense and mysterious especially suitable for evening parties

- Teal : is a color that is going to last very fashionable and this dress with peacock feathers is absolutely wonderful

- Green: is a color very elegant and regal, especially in elegant dresses

- Light Green: is a color very fresh and young and I'm in love with this amazing dress, one of my favourite!

- Yellow: is a solar and joyful color ideal for people who want to point out their joy and sympathy

- Orange: is a really particular color that will not make you go unnoticed

- Red: the color of sensuality for excellence!

- Hot pink: a color super feminine and charming

- Purple: color very special and sought after expressing femininity and mystery at the same time

- Gold: this color says it all if you just looking at it, gold is gold

- Silver: wearing this color will be bright, so bright that rivals the stars!

- Multicolor: if you are undecided on the color on the tip multicolor so will solve all your doubts!

- Flowers: and finally, since it is spring, wide space to the flowers!

Hope you like this post ! :)
have a nice day!

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  1. love!

  2. These are all so so pretty! I absolutely love the gorgeous details.

  3. Wow, so pretty dresses! I love the second one! ^O^

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  4. Wow inspiring compilation <3

  5. My favourites are the black one, the golden and the multicolored jewels one, but they are all gorgeous

  6. I love all of them, I cant to choose only one!!! hahah

  7. such an amazing dresses !


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  8. Cool! Love this dresses!!! Grate!