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How to choose the cocktail dress

Hi dear,
today I want to talk about the cocktail dresses !!

Whether attending a work function or hitting your local country club for drinks, if you find yourself in need of a cocktail dress, don't panic. There are no set rules when choosing a cocktail dress. The right dress will make you look and feel beautiful. And finding it is easy if you follow these steps. 

1)  Know your body shape and buy something that flatters that shape. You want to be comfortable in your cocktail dress, not spend the evening tugging and pulling an ill-fitting dress.

2)  Decide on a budget. There is a wide range of prices when it comes to cocktail dresses. Know your limits and communicate them to the salespeople when shopping so they don't hook you on an expensive dress that you can't afford.
Here you can find amazing cocktail dresses at good price:
3)  Rethink a bright-colored dress. Everyone will remember a bold red or sparkling blue dress, as they are gorgeous colors and you'll look magnificent. However, if you plan to get multiple wears out of your dress, pick a basic color. You can completely change the look of the dress by adding different accessories. This one you can wear numerous times, and no one will know it's not new.

4) Consider the events you are attending. Know what type of atmosphere and who will be there. This will help determine how formal of a cocktail dress you need.

Here are some ideas to find your perfect cocktail dress! Click on the image of the dress that you like!

If you're feeling like a doll, you can choose dresses like these:

 If your keywords are original & chic, choose dresses like these:

 If you want to show off your sparkling personality, choose bright colors such as these:


 If you wanna feel delicate, pure and divine the best color is white:

And if you want to be elegant and chic and if you do not want to be daring with color, entrusted to the classic black:


 Remember that just click on the image of the dress you like for more details!
I hope this post will be useful!
Have a nice day!

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  4. Questo post mi è molto utile ^_^

  5. For evening cocktails dresses I love Sherri Hill! I have quite a few and I always feel special when I am in one!

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  6. I love cocktail dresses! My favourite from your picks is the very first purple dress.
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