martedì 22 marzo 2016

find beautiful dresses on "Simple Dresses"

Hi dear,
in this post i want to talk about a new website where I found a lot of beautiful dresses.

This site is Simple Dresses.

This website  specializes in the production of Special Occasion Dress, but you can find many other things such as accessories (bags, gloves, petticoats) and also women's clothing, and cosplay costumes!

To give you a taste of their beautiful clothes I want to show my three favorite elegant clothes, besides being wonderful are also fashionable !

The lace is so elegant, tasteful and sensual.
and Combined with black is a classic that never die.
combined with Burgundy is really sophisticated and so trendy !!!
To see more details about this amazing dresses just click on the image to go directly to the site!

One thing that I really liked looking at their site is the lorol biography, in fact I want to mention it because I think it is very significant:

"Simple-dress is short for business to customer, we help ladies with their final dreams come true. The only purpose for us is focusing on the particulars; seeking perfection and making every bridal looks like a careful piece of artwork. Our main design style is simple and fluent, nither limited by fashion element nor have redundant and exaggerated ornamentation on the dress. Instead, we are normally come with feminine characteristics of elegant, light and romantic, seldom has inappropriate changes.
No matter which color and type of character you are, there is no one can withstand allure against the dresses we’ve made. Most people choose us to make dresses is because we are reliable and the dress we made is perfect and fantastic. To make sure the dress is wearing more comfortable, gossamer and firm fabric is one of our unique features. In addition, we are always concerned about the fabric feature, glossy made and stereo tailored, even more cared about the particulars. After all, the purpose of marriage is in pursuit of perfection. Every dress was custom made by handwork and reflect our flawless design concept in all respects. "

Now go take a look at this site! :)

I hope this post has been helpful !
have a lovely day!

giovedì 17 marzo 2016

Cocomelody dresses: an eye for details

Hi dear,
in this post I want to talk about the beautiful and elegant dresses of Cocomelody.

I have already talked about this fantastic site in the other post and now I want to do it again to highlight a strength of their clothes, that is, the details.

Because all the clothes from a distance may look beautiful, but the closer we get to dress and looking into the details it can lose beauty or increased.

Details count.
Details are essential.

One of the details that change a dress is the back neckline, which can make a particular dress or even very sexy.

Here are some pics of my favourite sexy backless wedding dresses :

Then if you want a more elegant dress and gentler these are my proposals:

How to see just a simple neckline to change the style of a dress and to determine their quality and refinement.

And cocomelody knows this.

See all the other backless Wedding Dresses !! 

They have a wide choice of dresses to suit all tastes, 
Surely you will find your perfect dress for the big day!

in addition there is a GREAT DISCOUNT for you !! 
Using the code W20  and get 20% off your Dress!
Hurry this promotion expires on 03/31!

hope this post will be useful !
have a lovely day

sabato 5 marzo 2016

Plaid and Leopard

Fashion is Happiness, is Creativity, is a Way of Life... So Have fun, don't wear boring clothes!
Mix and match print and be satisfied of the result !
I'm a fashion victim and I'm fierce <3